How To Join This Site



         Note:  If you are a present or former SAS teacher or administrator, we would love to have you join the site, to keep in touch, or attend one of our reunions.
Please skip down to Step 5.

If you are a parent of an SAS student or friend of the school,
we would love to have you on board as well.

Please skip down to Step 4.

1. All SAS student alumni: Click on "CLASSMATE PROFILES" on the top-line menu.

2. On the next page, click on your YEAR. This is the year you graduated, or the year in which
you WOULD have graduated if you had stayed at SAS through graduation.

3. On the third page, find YOUR NAME and click on it.

4.  If your name is not there, go back to "CLASSMATE PROFILES" on the top-line menu, and this time click on the "GUEST MEMBERS" link -- there are a few people whose names we know, but whose class years we don't know. Parents and friends will also be listed as Guests. If you find your name here, click on it. If not, go to Step 6. After you create your profile on the site, EMAIL ME with your class year, or information about your parent / friend relationship to SAS, and I'll put you into the correct year or make any other changes you'd like (wrong names, no longer using that name, nicknames, etc.)

5.  TEACHERS and ADMINISTRATORS: Click on "STAFF PROFILES" on the top-line menu, find your name, click on it, and create your profile. If your name is not there, read Step 4 and Step 6.

6.  FOR EVERYONE: If your name is not listed anywhere on the Classmate Profiles page or Teacher Profiles page, please CONTACT ME and I will add you -- be sure to tell me your class year. If you attended SAS but didn't graduate there, you can still be added if you would like to join us! You will be placed in the class year in which you WOULD have graduated if you had stayed, among your classmates. You have to be added before you can join.


If you do not want to fill out your profile, you don't have to. All you have to enter is an email address, and that gets you access to ALL the pages on the website, and your name will not be on my Missing List anymore. 


First of all, using the website is FREE!

The software I used to make it was supplied by a company named ClassCreator; while they provide support, and most of the correspondence is routed through their servers, they do not directly administer this site. I (Allen Lundy, Class of 68, on behalf of several reunion organizers) created and maintain this site. I use the generic name "Web Master" in correspondence to/from the site. Neither ClassCreator, nor I, will abuse your information. You have their word, and mine, on it.

The site was started as we planned our 2013 Reunion in Atlanta. I thought it would be a great way to get everyone connected. I intend for the site to continue on for many reunions in the future, so we want to include EVERYONE!

So even if you didn't attend the 2015 San Diego reunion or the 2017 Minneapolis reunion, please join the site so you can get updates for:

      The 2019 reunion in Vancouver BC.

........and so your classmates can get/keep in touch with you. We generally hold reunions in odd-numbered years, two years apart, in a different U.S. city each time. We have been in Washington DC (twice), San Diego (twice), San Francisco (twice), Houston, New Orleans, Austin, Seattle, Dallas, Vancouver BC, San Antonio, Denver and Atlanta. The policy of changing venues has enabled people who cannot travel very far to join in at least some of the time. The full list of reunion venues, over the years, can be found in the top-left menu item "Previous Reunion History."

Once you join the site, you will be able to interact with your classmates through EMAIL, PROFILE POSTINGS, USER FORUM, a MESSAGE FORUM, and CHAT.

I'd encourage you to explore the site. There are some great PHOTO GALLERIES submitted by your classmates, and lots of information. Feel free to let me know if there's anything you think could be added or improved.


This will be OUR site, for keeping in touch and spreading information about coming reunions. ONLY SAS people will be able to join it and use it, not the entire Facebook universe. Reunion organizers will maintain it, and can update it as needed.


Most pages cannot be viewed unless you have joined the site and are logged in. Only fellow classmates that are LOGGED IN can view the information in your profile.


You are in control of the privacy level of your profile! There are individual privacy controls located at the bottom of the page when you create (or edit) your profile. Read each carefully and set them however you want.

NOTE: If you are signed on to the site and restricted your profile to only fellow classmates, and then use a search engine to see if the privacy options above are working, it will appear they are NOT. This is only because you are signed into the site. Sign out and check again. You will see that none of your profile information is viewable by non-members. That having been said, a decent search engine CAN find your name on this site, because it is listed on a page accessible to non-members. We had to do this so that people can join the site in the first place. Only your name, and its association with SAS, can be found, however -- none of your personal information.



This site DOES NOT SEND SPAM! Contact information will only be used for Reunion purposes and is NEVER given out.


For those of you with spam blocking or email filtering capabilities, please add the two addresses and to your email account as safe senders in order to receive email communications from the site. Some ISPs refer to this as "whitelisting". (NOTE: We are phasing out the old "" address in favor of the more generic "", which can be used by future reunion organizers). Some email servers, notably AT&T and any of the "Bells" (BellSouth, PacBell) seem to think the site is sending out spam because sometimes I email a lot of people at once (I have over 1000 names on my lists!). If you have one of these addresses, you may want to check with your provider to see how best to override their protections, or simply get yourself a free GMAIL address for site purposes. We've also had no problems with YAHOO addresses.


You can privately email other classmates through the site, as well as post comments publicly to their profile. EMails sent to classmates do not reveal your address or the recipient's address, but appear to come from the site. Once you have established contact, you can exchange addresses and continue your correspondence off-site, if you choose.




You will find the User Forum and Message Forum on the menu at left, under the menu item "Forums". This is a place where you can discuss all kinds of topics with other classmates, or post something you think will be of interest to them. 

The forums work the same way as on other websites you are familiar with, and you can reply to others' topics, as well as start a new topic.



If you have an Announcement for everyone (such as a new baby, grandbaby, wedding, or whatever), select "POST ANNOUNCEMENT" on the menu under "Member Functions". Enter your info, and it will send an email to me. I will then set it up and get it online!

This is a great way of communicating a message to ALL classmates at once!