Who Will Be In Vancouver


1962    Lily So Guyer and Ken Guyer
            WeiLie So
1963    Susan Hinebaugh Speirs
1964    Kristen Lundberg Searle and Dan Searle
1965    Fielden Lundy
1966    Sandra Pinckney
1967    Barb Bready
            Mike Brown and Chris Brown
            Ernie Glass and Gina Gilgo          
            Sally Hinebaugh Sobolewski  
            Nancy Lalka Vance and Ernie Vance 
            Russ Ng       
            Sharon Poulson Woodland and Colin Woodland          
            Jean Reiter Hovell and Terry Hovell           
            Chuck Root and Sara Root  
            John Shanstrom and Sara Shanstrom 
            Barb Tice Keeler and John Keeler        
1968   Ellen Brown Gaffney           
           Jackie Harshaney Jones
           Paul Horne
           Elaine Kendall           
           Ingrid Lundberg Stephan and Peter Stephan           
           Allen Lundy and Brenda Lundy           
           Dan Scull and Susie McCreary           
           Ken Stoehrmann and Joanne Stoehrmann           
           Ernie Wong

1969   Lee Root and Susie Lawrence Root                    
           Karol Tice Evans and Rob Evans
           Debbie Von Platen           
           Allane Wood Whitlow and Herb Whitlow
           Ben Wu

1970   Howard Bowell and Bev Bowell
           Don Chambers           
           Mick Cowles and Patty Munday
           Susan DeCourcey Trafford and David Trafford           
           Jeanette Gewald and Chuck Johnson           
           Karen Gordon
           Mary Lou Horne Wightman and Sandy Wightman         
           John Lalka and Jean Lalka
           Susie Lawrence Root and Lee Root (repeat listing)      
           Rut McGhee           
           Cheryl Parkhurst Gallagher           
           Terri Strickland Sirmans          
           Elaine Wales Koch
           Karen Willis Kelly and Brian Kelly

1971   Debbie Bruns Lucas           
           Lin Chen Willis           
           Susan de Bloeme Bell-Irving           
           Colleen Kent Strid           
           Elizabeth Pizzati           
           Mike Ramsey
           Sandy Woodside Naylor

1972   Leslie Abrams
           Karen Boom Uyeno
           Linda Chambers
           Pat Grover         
           Jan Houser and Scott Carrothers           
           Mary Lee Pizzati Stanley and Autumn Wilson
           Debbie Rowell Riches
           Ken Root and Sue Root         
           Mitch Wood
1973  Lizbeth Adams Cooper
          Kathi Brown Gentry           
          Janice Culpepper           
          Debbie Dudley Bodal and Trond Bodal           
          Lesli Edge           
          Lee Anne Harvey  
          Chris McGhee
          Cyndi Moring        
          Helen Wong and Michael Peligal
1974   Heath Harvey and Leigh Ann Whiddon Harvey           
           Stephen Hurst

1975   Nancy Blodget Meisenhelder
           Larry Houser and Theresa Houser
1976   Cindy Gendarme Koch and Jeff Koch           
           Denise Mills Steele and Gary Steele           
           Kim Charles Serocki and John Serocki

1977   Vivian Ho
           Judy Mangus and Steve Cook           
           Gee Gee Vanvig Reiter and John Reiter, Stephanie and Valerie Reiter

1978   Dale Waterbury Cossey

1979   Jalana Pidgeon Grant
1982    Mark Ganderton and Boni Ganderton

1987    Leigh Anne Whiddon Harvey and Heath Harvey (repeat listing)
            Joni Ganderton

1989    Natasha Copeland and Jacques Beaudoin