Create Your Own Site

CLASS CREATOR is the company that made this site possible. You subscribe to their service, and they provide you the tools and templates to create your own web site. They write all the code and do all the geek work, and you can have a basic site up and running in about 30 minutes -- really. You don't have to know anything about programming, and you can play with your site during a seven-day trial period before you have to spend any money to subscribe.

The people at Class Creator are great to work with, have been doing this for a long time, and have this stuff all figured out. Also they are reliable, safe and discreet, and will not get into your personal business. They have some common-sense privacy and decency rules, of course, as they should.

While Class Creator is designed for reunions, other organizations have used their service to create beautiful sites for other purposes. We highly recommend Class Creator for your site-building needs.

You can find Class Creator on the web, but if you decide you need their service, please click HERE. Using this unique link to get to their main page, when you are ready to subscribe, gives this site a "finder's fee" for referring you. We'd appreciate that!



If I can do it, so can you !